Friday, January 23, 2009

The NEN (Neighborhood Empowerment Network) Awards & Community Challenge Grant

It’s always nice to know that the hard work you put into a project is appreciated. Especially when that acknowledgement is given to you by the community and recognized by the Mayor of our great city, San Francisco. A couple of months ago, back in November 2008, Goettingen Neighbors Group (GNG) was recognized at the Neighborhood Empowerment Network’s 2008 NEN Awards. We shared an award with another group; we were chosen as “Best Community Building Project” for our Goettingen Neighborhood Garden Project!

The Neighborhood Empowerment Network (NEN) is the first of its kind partnership of city agencies, local non-profits and neighborhood organizations.

During this evening, we were also recognized as winners of a Community Challenge Grant. The funds from this award will be used to set the bib and hose for our water meter as well as continue our efforts to stabilize the hillside. The grant was awarded to us to install a water meter for the hillside; however, the water meter has been secured within the previous Fiskar’s grant we received last August. Perhaps we can use the funds to stabilize the hillside with edging along the staircase to keep the hill from eroding or maybe even the beginnings of another retaining wall at the extreme slope on the hill. We are still working out the details of the Community Challenge Grant, but hope to have them finalized in the next couple of weeks.

I have to agree with Mayor Newsom when he states, “ By celebrating what’s right in our communities and providing crucial resources directly to neighborhood groups to assist them in taking the lead in improving their quality of life, these two programs [The Neighborhood Empowerment Network and the Community Challenge Program] are ultimately making a difference in the lives of every San Franciscan.”

We are excited and motivated to continue our work throughout 2009!

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