Monday, April 6, 2009

Thank you

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

We had a fantastic plant sale on Saturday and we owe you all a great big thank you. We had beautiful weather, we met many, many new neighbors, and we sold quite a bit of plants. I think the estimate of our sales is in $800-900 range.

A thank you to each of you and also to our wonderful supporting businesses. Silvestri donated a unique, solid, gorgeous urn which was won by one of ourneighbors, the Sandoval family. yea! Subway and J.Georgie's donated snacks. Timi at The Botany Shop Florist donated a few great plants. Lowe's (down in S.SF) donated 12 large plants, including a few fruit trees. Rainbow Grocery gaveus a $100 donation which we used to purchase organic vegetable starters, hello
cheddar cauliflower and heirloom tomatoes plants!

And a big thank you to Joan Loeffler for including us in her last Zephyr Real Estate Newsletter. Thank you for supporting us Joan!

We also received plant donations from Ruth and Darlene and Betty and Kim...surely I forgot someone, so thank you too!

Until our garage sale in July....
All the Best,
Goettingen Neighbors Group
Trish, Mikki, Laura, Paki, Jeanette, Larry, Chris, & Charles

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